This was a student submission where I was tasked to create a 3D Game using Unity and programming in C+. The game had to meet a number of criteria and had to be implemented online. You can play the final game ‘Lerpzin About’ here.

Game Scenario

‘The scenario will feature the Lerpz character in a search for a vital missing component that has been taken from his spacecraft.

Unfortunately, space traveller Lerpz has crash-landed his spacecraft on an inhabited planet somewhere in our galaxy. His craft landed near to an ancient maze structure that is sacred to the planet’s inhabitants. He has managed to make the repairs necessary to escape from the planet but the native inhabitants have removed a vital component in the form of a Crystal Orb Device Energizer, ‘CODE’ device, in the belief it possesses special powers they might exploit. Without this device the spacecraft is unable to fly.

The CODE device has been placed inside the centre of a maze. The game objective is for Lerpz to make his way to the centre of the maze, collect the CODE device, return to his ship, install the orb and then fly from the planet. Assume the player has completed the level once Lerpz has collected the Orb and collided with his spacecraft.

Your task is to design and implement a 3D maze game based on the above scenario. Assume that at the start of the game, the CODE device is located at the centre of the maze, the spacecraft is in the near vicinity outside of the maze and Lerpz is nearby his spacecraft.’

View of Maze from above.


1. An external maze design, which features a network of routes, only one of which will lead to the centre of the maze.
2. An object or system that attempts to hinder the player’s progression through the game.
3. Objects for the player to collect, which the player uses to complete his mission in finding and returning with the CODE device.
4. A player maze navigation aid that is enabled via a required task or challenge.
5. A dynamic HUD to show the game state in terms of object acquisition and game progression.
6. A splash screen at the start describing the game objective, player controls and any items that need to be collected to assist the player in advancing through the game.
7. Also a splash end-of-game screen with an appropriate message to the player.
8. Ambience and event sounds that add to the game-play and user experience.


You can read my response to the criteria in my documentation here (pdf).

Image of HUD acquisition in game


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