A publication I designed with Theng Yen Chen and Cristiano Almeida has gone on to feature for a second time on Behance. The publication was designed for the charity 1625 Independent People and was used to present the findings of a four year project. See more about this publication here.

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Behance (owned by Adobe) is the leading online community that showcase and discover creative work. Our publication was first featured in January on the Graphic Design curated gallery. The gallery features ‘the best graphic design work’.

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This project has also once again been featured on Behance for a second time, on the Adobe Illustrator gallery. Although this time it was featured in the Creative Tools section. The project has now exhibited over 3700 views.
*Update: as of July 2018: over 5,600 views.

Behance Featured

You can also view the project on Behance here.

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